KRA Services


KRA provides for centralization of the KYC records in the securities market. A client desirous of opening an account/trade/deal with the SEBI registered Intermediary shall submit the KYC details through the KYC Registration form and supporting documents. The Intermediary shall perform the initial KYC and upload the details on the system of the KYC Registration Agency (KRA). This KYC information can be accessed by all the SEBI Registered Intermediaries while dealing with the same client. As a result, once the client has done KYC with a SEBI registered intermediary, he need not undergo the same process again with another intermediary. Following services are offered to SEBI registered intermediaries

  Register KYC information of new investors (Online and File based)

  Download KYC information of existing investors (Online and File based)

  Modify KYC information of investors (Online and File based)

  KYC inquiry and KYC download (Online and File based)

  Intimation of KYC changes through auto feeds / EOD download against KYC data already solicited.

  Reports on KYC pending status for rectification / providing documents

  Reporting on KYC information uploaded / downloaded / modified in KRA system

  Administrator login for user management

  Interoperability with all KRAs to verify, download and modify KYC details

  Generation of Acknowledgment Letter

  SMS facility to view the status of KYC record and download KYC information